Between 2004 and 2007 the first four prototypes of the EMO-Synth were developed to explore the possibilities of the system and to design possible blueprints for future developments.

Prototype 01

Prototype 01 was developed for the multi media project SKANNER (collaboration with Belgian artist Angelo Vermeulen) that mainly dealt with the concept of human fear. The project was shown on various locations including the Atomium (expo Interface, Brussels, Belgium, 2004), W139 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, on invitation of Belgian artist Jan Fabre, 2004), Beursschouwburg (Subliminal Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2005), STUK (Artefact festival and Kulturama 2005, Leuven, Belgium, 2005), Z33 (expo Feel the young, Hasselt, Belgium, 2004). With this prototype first experiments were elaborated in the field of the sonification of the psychophysiological data.


Prototype 02

Prototype 02 was developed in 2006 for the exposition PERSEVERANCE at the Godshuis in Sint Laureins in Belgium. A first automatic music generating system was implemented with this prototype. During the exposition an EMO-Synth performance was broadcasted live on the national Belgian radio station Studio Brussels.

Prototype 03

Prototype 03 developed new possibilities to extend the generating capabilities of the EMO-Synth. The music generation engine was complemented with generated light stimuli. Prototype 03 was shown at the expo SPOTLIGHTS at cc Hasselt in 2007 in Belgium.


Prototype 04

Prototype 04 was developed between 2007 and 2008 in close collaboration with the young Belgian curator Astrid David and the collective Office Tamuraj. The music-generating engine was renewed while constructing this prototype. Music generation in this new prototype was mainly based on an automatic mixing engine. Under the supervision and lead of Astrid David experiments were also being carried out with different forms of presentation and confrontations between the EMO-Synth and other artistic disciplines. This resulted in the so-called test-cases. Testcase 1 was held at the artist’s office in 2007 in Ghent, Testcase 2 was hosted by art space Croxhapox (Ghent, Belgium, 2007), Testcase 3 was realised in collaboration with art organization X=10c and was held at the art fair Lineart 2007 (Expo Hallen, Ghent, Belgium, 2007). Testcase 4 was held both at art gallery One Twenty Gallery (Ghent, Belgium) and at Muhka Media (Antwerp, Belgium) featuring the renowned Belgian psychotherapist Wilfried Van Craen.

Prototype 05

Prototype 05 is the current prototype of the EMO-Synth and has been under development since 2009. The creation of this prototype is being supported by the Flemish Audiovisual fund in the seminal project entitled “Montage cinema revived by the EMO-Synth”. This project can be seen as a logical sequel on the different test cases held between 2007 and 2008. As to the technical side Prototype 05 includes a renewed sound generation engine which incorporates all previous technologies and a first implementation of an image generation system.