EMO-Synth on 20th of april at Nuit Blanche in Sint-Niklaas

Join the upcoming EMO-Synth performances:

For the Nuit Blance event held at Sint-Niklaas the EMO-Synth project is invited by the organisation WARP (Waasland Art Projects). Performances start at 22u30 on 20th of april and end at 01u00 on the 21st of april 2013.

Location of performances:

Stationsstraat 76, Sint-Niklaas


Schedule of performances:

Performance 1:

  • 22u30-23u20
  • video: "Line-dot-plane" by R. Roes (2011)
  • musical style: soundscape

Performance 2:

  • 23u20-0u10
  • video: "The Phantom of the Opera" by J. Rupert (1927)
  • musical style: new classical

Performance 3:

  • 0u10-01u00
  • video: "Andrei Rublev" by A. Tarkovsky (1971)
  • musical style: soundscape

Live musicians:

Nico Couck, Pat Riské & Guest