About the EMO-Synth

sound generation by the EMO-SynthThe EMO-Synth is an interactive multi-media system where the emotional man-machine interaction plays a central role. During performances and demonstrations the system automatically generates and manipulates sounds and images to direct the user in certain predefined emotional states. As the EMO-Synth project has an outspoken multidisciplinary character its development relies on different techniques stemming from a broad range of domains. These include artificial intelligence, affective computing, psychophysiology, algorithmic music composition and sound and image generation.


ECG-HRIn the current setup emotions are quantitatively measured using biosensors that monitor certain psychophysiological parameters such as heart rate (ECG or electrocardiogram), stress (GSR or galvanic skin response) and electrooculogram (EOG). Using the EMO-Synth involves will subsequently generates audiovisual artifacts and analyzes the resulting emotional impact on the user. Using artificial intelligence techniques like interactive genetic programming the system will seek how to generate the right audiovisuals to bring the user in a specific emotional state with its generated sound and images.


ECGThe concept of the EMO-Synth is based on the link between rational logical human thinking and the artistic creative process. Recent technological and scientific experiments provide mounting evidence of this link and how this connection could be used. As a consequence more and more opportunities arise for the artist to use scientific systems in his own creative process. It is in this context that the EMO-Synth project can be seen as an attempt to bring the worlds of audience and artist and artist and scientist closer together.