New video from EMO-Synth performance at iMAL during Tangible Feelings event online

Check out the video from the performances of Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth (Prototype 05.1) at iMAL during Tangible Feelings event in september 2011.
(Video by Kristina Ianatchkova)

Interview on EMO-Synth project in Artefact Artmagazine online

Interview (in Dutch) on the EMO-Synth project for Artefact Artmagazine (Issue dec 2011).

Preparing for the next upcoming EMO-Synth performance in the spring 2012 at Logosfoundation in Ghent

We're starting to prepare for a new performance of "Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth" at Logosfoundation in Ghent. The performance will include a new interactive soundtrack based on new audio material based on the classical area. More information soon...

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